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Introducing the
Agilix Learning Suite

The First K-12 Solution that Combines All the Tools You Need to Create, Deliver, and Scale Learning.

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A Solution for Everyone

Explore how the Agilix Learning Suite can streamline operations, enhance student performance, and provide the flexibility and control you need regardless of your role.

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Streamline your semester setup with powerful tools like course cloning and content inheritance
Track meaningful student, teacher, and course data with district-wide  reporting (across domains)
Communicate with everyone in your district with landing pages, banners, and notifications
Provide just-in-time PD and PLCs on mobile devices
Seamlessly integrate and deliver learning on any LMS using Publish Anywhere
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Instruction & Assessment
Create versions of content for different learning models (Blended, Mastery, Project-based, etc.)
Use drag and drop to quickly align activities with learning objectives and state standards
Divide classes into groups, easily message, assign activities and tasks, and award badges
Base and derivative course copies that automatically update
Formative & remediation assessments, built-in Standards-based grading, and student activity choice
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Educational Service Agencies
5 Ways to Grow Your Impact & Revenue
Content: Generate a revenue share by licensing rigorous curricular content to the districts you serve
Coaching & Training: Sell educator coaching & training through Buzz, TutorKit, or Dawn
Certification: Deliver and manage educator certification, endorsements, and qualifications
Implementation Services: Help organizations launch & maintain their Agilix-based solutions
Support Services: Provide flexible technical and customer support services
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Customize it all: logos, icons, graphics, tools, landing pages, activity themes, and more with your brand identity!
Centralize course and content management with subdomains and derivative courses. Push global changes when needed while still allowing edits to individual courses
System licensing allows you to easily track, measure, and limit usage of subdomains, courses, users, and enrollments
Expand your offerings to include tutoring activities that compliment your course content with deep-dives into complicated concepts
Seamlessly integrate and deliver learning on any LTI-Compliant Learning Management System

For over 20 years, Agilix Labs has been serving educators and learners around the world








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Publisher Partners

With rapid proof-of-concept capabilities and ability to be customized and white-labeled to fit your needs, you'll be able to get your content to market in no time.

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Ignite Your Creativity

Our high-touch services empower each of our publisher partners to infuse their unique brand identity and customize the Agilix Learning Suite, unlocking a world of innovative, student-centered learning models.

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Amplify the Power of Implementation

With our extensive API library at your disposal, every implementation of the Agilix Learning Suite becomes an unstoppable force, magnifying its impact and giving your vision wings to fly.

What our Users Are Saying...

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It is the best LMS on the market!

The openness and simplicity of it and the incredibly complex things you can do with it, especially when you get into standards-based or objectives-based learning. To me it’s magical, and it's so easy to use!

Don Lamison
Urban Green Education
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We are very thankful...

The courses were rigorous and aligned to state standards. It has definitely made a difference in the lives of our kids. The set up was super easy!

Dr. Kelli Odden
Associate Professor Mayville State University
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Super easy!

Buzz is one of the best examples of platforms that support an individualized course of study, combining digital content and projects.

Tom VanderArk
CEO, GettingSmart
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It's all about giving these students an additional opportunity and making it convenient for them.

John Struchynski
Technical Director of the NDCDE
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