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Your content to your customers, wherever they are.


What is Publish Anywhere?

Publish Anywhere enables you to deliver best-in-class courses and learning content to your customers, regardless of what LMS they use.

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Your content, learning activities, and assessments are delivered via LTI and Thin Common Cartridge to any compatible system. The magic is in the Publish Anywhere player. It allows our "Better on Buzz" learning experience to be embedded into your customer’s system, without the need for content exports, user and enrollment provisioning (we handle that automatically), or any of the other headaches associated with trying to serve multiple LMS systems.

Don't worry. We got this.

You don't have digital content yet? Well, we have the authoring tools and content management features you need to create new content or transition your current print-based content to digital, so no worries. Already have digital content and materials in another system? We can help you import and onboard it easily.
Course Prep
Our content management features make it easy to set up your content based on your customer’s needs. Have a customer that only wants part of a course? We make that simple. Have another that wants a curated content library across all of your courses? We can do that too.
This is where Publish Anywhere really shines. With a simple setup and upload, your customers are ready to go. Imagine telling them they can set up an entire course in just a few clicks.

We handle the boring stuff on the backend, so they—and more importantly, you—don't have to.
Say goodbye to user setups and copy/pasting gradebooks. We handle user and enrollment provisioning, and send the data from Publish Anywhere activities right to the host LMS.

You get usage efficacy reports along the way to make sure your customers are using the system and having success. They are happy, you are happy, and that makes us happy.

Yep, It really is THAT simple.

Your courses, content, and assessments
Bring what you have or use our tools to create new incredible learning experiences for your customers to deliver to their students.
Better On Buzz learning tools and activity support
With support for SCORM, multimedia, assessments, objective mapping, and whatever else you can throw at us, your activities will play nicely with others so you can avoid support headaches.
Simple Thin Common Cartridge delivery
Boring words for a magical solution. As easy as attaching a file to an email, your content is where it needs to be.
Auto-provisioning of users and enrollments
No managing two sets of enrollments. No onboarding headaches. New student starts week 3? No problem.
Elegant student experience
The students interact with your content without leaving their LMS. No new browser tabs or windows. It just works without getting in the way of learning.
Simple and straighfoward teacher workflow
Teachers view content and student submissions right inside their host LMS. They also grade and provide feedback without ever having to leave, and then we sync the grade data. Easy peasy.

Publish Anywhere is part of the Agilix Learning Suite!

Agilix Learning Suite solutions seamlessly integrate everything you need to create, deliver, and scale learning all-in-one place.

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Publish Anywhere handles that for you

I live for managing 14 sets of content for 14 different implementations of 14 different LMS systems.

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Digging through hundreds of versions of the same content to make a minor edit is my love language.

Robert Fox
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Robert Fox
Class of Eleven

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