K-12 Tutoring Program management and  delivery, made easy.

Design, schedule, deliver, and monitor your district tutoring programs, all from one browser tab.

TutorKit is your personal assistant to help you put it all together!

Delivering high-quality tutoring doesn't have to take forever

You have excellent tutors & coaches
You have rigorous curriculum & resources
BUT... the logistics can be a nightmare!

A comprehensive online tutoring program isn’t easy to pull off.

You have to think about:



Facilitating online sessions

Data Collection


How does it work?

Assemble your District TutorKit in three simple steps

Step 1

Connect your Student Information System (SIS) and enroll your students, tutors, and staff

Step 2

Customize TutorKit for your district's requirements then automate the scheduling of tutoring sessions

Step 3

Everything is recorded in TutorKit, so you can track session ratings, feedback, and student progress

Connect what matters most

TutorKit seamlessly connects students, tutors, data, and curriculum into one integrated platform.
Your Crew

Integrate with technology you already love

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Manage rostering quickly and securely and provide tutoring on the video conferencing platform you choose.

Your Content

Curriculum you choose

Support your students with evidence-based resources for their tutoring sessions.
Use your own curriculum
Upload your district's tutoring content into a shared library. TutorKit also integrates with any LTI-compliant content to give you the flexibility to use the content you choose.
Use publisher content
TutorKit offers a large selection of rigorous, high-quality content from dozens of publishers ready to import and use during tutoring sessions.
Your Community

Scale human connection

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ESAs and School Districts can easily scale high-impact tutoring to their member districts and schools.

Share and manage centralized tutors, learning content, and special programs, with the data and privacy you expect.

TutorKit in Action:
The Power Player in the Agilix Learning Suite!

Agilix Learning Suite solutions seamlessly integrate everything you need to create, deliver, and scale learning all-in-one place.

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Your Content

Course-Correct as you go

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Monitor the progress of your program as tutors and students log session feedback and academic achievement

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