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An open letter to our friends in education  

     K-12 learning platforms often start off full of promise but quickly become a hassle with hidden costs for basic features; leaving teachers and students scrambling to piece together what they need for a complete learning experience.

We at Agilix think it's time for a change. We're working on making your learning platform not just a place to store your tools, but a space where creating lessons, assessing work, analyzing progress, and keeping students motivated is straightforward and fun.

We believe learning is better when it's personal and when the platform understands the needs of each student and teacher. We're convinced that with the right insights from data and a touch of AI magic, we can make this happen.

Our team has been diving deep into AI for education, figuring out what works and what can work better. Remember, the AI we have today is just the starting point; it's only going to get better from here.

We're excited to push the limits and see how far we can go. Our vision extends beyond simplifying tasks; we aim to enhance learning outcomes and teacher satisfaction effortlessly. By leveraging AI, we ensure a tailored educational experience for each student without adding to the teacher's workload, making teaching more about fostering deep connections and less about navigating complex software.

We're building a future where AI doesn't just take care of the boring stuff but also brings to light useful insights that help students succeed and teachers thrive.

We want learning to be engaging and teaching to be more rewarding, all through your learning platform.

Come join us on this adventure. Let's make learning something we all look forward to.

Happy learning,

The Agilix Labs team

Bringing context and support to students, their families, and teachers

BusyBee provides tips, hints, and suggestions to scaffold and accelerate student learning
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For Students

Check My Understanding

Real-time, tailored questions, straight from your curriculum to deepen comprehension without affecting course scores and without requiring more work from their teachers.

BusyBee automatically reads the student’s curriculum from an activity and generates a few questions for them to evaluate their understanding.

For Students

Review vocabulary

Enhancing language mastery by interactively presenting key terms from course content, fostering active study and memorization, and promoting personalized language learning.

When key terms are discovered in your curriculum, BusyBee will automatically generate a vocabulary list to help students identify words they should better understand.

For Parents

Help my student

Equipping parents and counselors with customized strategies and hints, enhancing their ability to effectively support students' learning journeys.

Is your student struggling with an activity or curriculum? Let BusyBee give you alternative or practical ideas of how you can help your student overcome their challenge, be it online or in-person.

For Teachers

Authoring assistant

Create assessment questions

Empowering teachers and authors to focus on the best content for their learners and allowing BusyBee to make it interactive and challenging, all under the direction of the teacher.

BusyBee provides flexibility for teachers to select the source material and then BusyBee creates questions and feedback, with options to customize the number and types of questions, aligning closely with course objectives.
...and we're just getting warmed up—there's much more on the horizon.
For over 20 years, Agilix has been at the forefront of online education, pioneering innovative solutions that have transformed the learning experience for millions.

Two Decades of Innovation

Our extensive experience, spanning over 50 million enrollments, has given us unparalleled insights into the complexities and nuances of the educational journey.

AI with a Purpose

Our approach to AI is rooted in our "context in learning" strategy, ensuring that BusyBee is more than just a generic chatbot – it's an intelligent assistant that truly understands the unique needs and contexts of each learner.

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