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"5 Strategies to Create a Systematic Approach to Personalized Learning" with Fairfield County ESC
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About the webinar

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Tired of having limited control over curriculum content?

Want to provide more locally relevant learning experiences?

Struggling with tight budgets?

Frustrated with the lack of rigor in online curricular content?

Struggling to adapt to a virtual, blended learning environment?

Dr. Marie C. Ward and Jennifer Sayre will share how they overcame these obstacles and provide a detailed overview of their implementation process, including:

  • Securing funding and effective grant writing
  • Properly scoping a project
  • Establishing the instructional framework
  • Assembling the right team
  • Planning for flexibility and choice
  • Leveraging the Agilix Learning Suite to provide an interactive and engaging student experience
  • Providing instructors with training and support on best practices

Discover how Fairfield County ESC created InnevAto EDU and not only build their own suite of online courses using Ohio certificated teachers, but also made it easy for others to use the personalizable courses to meet a variety of needs.

This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights from experts who have already navigated the terrain and created a guide on how to do it yourself.

Don't miss this chance to learn from the best.

Register now and take the first step towards revolutionizing the way you approach learning in your district.

Suitable for District Administrators, Curriculum Directors, IT Directors, and Classroom Teachers.

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About InnevAto EDU

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Proudly presented by the Fairfield County Educational Service Center

Innevato is an Italian word meaning "snowy" or "snow-capped," often used to describe snow-capped mountains. InnevAto EDU, created by veteran educators, is an online learning environment aimed at supporting lifelong learners in reaching their personal goals. The platform offers high-quality courses for students, educators, and community members and is overseen by licensed educators.

InnevAto EDU is your partner for:

  • Student Courses—online, blended, or any innovative learning environment
  • Professional Development—synchronous and asynchronous options
  • Community Learning—relevant, timely and data-based topics

Reach every learning goal with InnevAto EDU.

About Agilix

The only Learning Suite you'll ever need.
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The Agilix Learning Suite seamlessly integrates everything an educator needs to create, deliver, and scale learning all in one place. It's the only suite that enables you to create, sell, and manage student learning, tutoring, professional development, instructional coaching, and certification at scale.

Custom-built and branded learning content with Buzz LMS
Help educators change the world with Dawn
Connect students, tutors, and curriculum in one place with TutorKit
Deliver learning on any LMS with Publish Anywhere

Successful education starts with Agilix.

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