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About the webinar

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Among the most important strategies of online instruction is building relationships with our students.

Numerous articles and scholarly research stress the importance of teacher-student relationships and building instructor presence. For example, the article titled, Best Practices in Online Teaching, from Minot State University, states simply, “Presence contributes to student motivation levels, fosters a sense of community, and [supports] successful student learning.”

One way we build student relationships is through communication, both general and specific. In an article titled, Strategies for Providing Feedback in Online Courses, from the University of Illinois, Springfield, the author points out, “Students need much more support and feedback in the online environment than in a traditional course.” The article outlines 15 specific strategies to improve feedback!

Brian Snyder has distilled all the latest research into two objectives:
Communicate and Differentiate.

The ease of communication and the ability to differentiate instruction well requires an easy-to-use platform to allow all stakeholders the ability to accomplish these objectives.

What are the specific features necessary in an online platform?

In this webinar, Brian has outlined the 7 must-have features to help school administrators identify an online platform to improve their online learning programs.

Suitable for District Administrators, Curriculum Directors, IT Directors, and Classroom Teachers.

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About SchoolsPLP

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SchoolsPLP is the fastest growing and most innovative online learning platform available today.  We help schools easily plan and deliver online, hybrid, and blended learning options for students. SchoolsPLP has been delivering a technology-based curriculum to schools for over 20 years. We believe that delivering an online curriculum solution should be simple.  We operate on trust, knowledge, commitment, service, and accountability. Our customers come first, and it is in our DNA to create long-lasting partnerships and provide solutions that lead to success. Our primary objective is to provide a flexible, easy to use platform with the option to access rigorous, reliable curriculum solutions while delivering first-class service and support.

Our courses fill the following needs:

  • PreK-12 accessed through a single, uniform platform
  • PreK-12 Virtual, Blended, and Self-Paced options
  • Course of study for students who qualify for homebound study and would be appropriately served through web-based opportunities.
  • Remediation/intervention/concept recovery assistance for students who have fallen behind in the traditional classroom and need individualized or targeted intervention to be successful in a designated course of study.
  • Credit Recovery for students who have taken a class but have not met all the standards for a course.  Students that did not receive credit.
  • Credit advancement courses for students desiring to obtain credit while enrolled full time in brick-and-mortar school.

SchoolsPLP truly creates a unique Personal Learning Plan for districts, individual programs and schools, classrooms, and most importantly every student.  

This can happen because of the robust course catalog, powerful Learning Management System, concise real-time data for all stakeholders, mentor and teacher services, and our implementation and support team.

About Agilix

The only Learning Suite you'll ever need.
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The Agilix Learning Suite seamlessly integrates everything an educator needs to create, deliver, and scale learning all in one place. It's the only suite that enables you to create, sell, and manage student learning, tutoring, professional development, instructional coaching, and certification at scale.

Custom-built and branded learning content with Buzz LMS
Help educators change the world with Dawn
Connect students, tutors, and curriculum in one place with TutorKit
Deliver learning on any LMS with Publish Anywhere

Successful education starts with Agilix.