A Successful K-12 Digital Curriculum Partnership

In 2012, Pearson, a global education provider, approached Agilix to help them migrate their popular GradPoint K-12 curriculum solution from the Novanet platform to a more cost-effective, flexible, and powerful alternative.
The Novanet platform required more than 700 software engineers in India to maintain, which was not sustainable for Pearson. Agilix's BrainHoney LMS software offered a more efficient and affordable solution for Pearson's needs.

The Partnership

The partnership between Pearson and Agilix proved to be highly beneficial for both parties. For Pearson, it allowed them to quickly and easily deliver a competitive digital curriculum solution without having to build the software platforms themselves. Agilix's BrainHoney LMS software, branded as GradPoint, was successfully integrated into more than 2,500 school districts, serving millions of U.S. K-12 students.‍

Subsequent collaborations with Pearson led to the incorporation of Agilix BrainHoney and Buzz LMS software into Pearson's School Partners digital curriculum offering, the UK Harrow School Online, Pearson Online Virtual School, Teacher Professional Development offerings in India, and other international markets.‍

Publish Anywhere Platform

In response to the needs of Pearson and other Agilix Digital Curriculum Providers, Agilix developed the Publish Anywhere platform. This platform allows digital curriculum hosted in the Buzz LMS to be delivered into any LTI-compliant LMS used by a school district. Publish Anywhere significantly reduces the cost and effort required to convert, test, QA, market, sell, and support versions of digital curriculum for various popular LMSs by providing delivery and management from a single source.


The partnership between Pearson and Agilix has had a significant impact on the K-12 education landscape. By leveraging Agilix's innovative LMS solutions, Pearson has been able to provide high-quality digital curriculum solutions to millions of students across the United States and internationally. This collaboration has not only improved the educational experience for students but also streamlined the process for educators and administrators. ‍

The successful partnership between Pearson and Agilix demonstrates the power of collaboration in the education sector. By working together, these two companies have been able to provide innovative and effective digital curriculum solutions for K-12 students, making a positive impact on the educational landscape. As a reference account story for an RFI to Santillana, a global education provider considering Agilix for a new LMS, this case study highlights the benefits of choosing Agilix as a partner in delivering high-quality, cost-effective digital curriculum solutions.‍

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The GradPoint platform, powered by Agilix's BrainHoney LMS, has been a tremendous success in over 2,500 school districts. The seamless integration and user-friendly interface have made it a popular choice among educators and administrators.
Chuck Snell
VP Product Engineering

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