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A Long-Standing Partnership for Innovative Learning Solutions

In 2002, Agilix secured an invitation from Microsoft to be a launch partner and one of the first Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to ship a commercial software application on the Tablet PC.
Recognizing the potential of the Tablet PC, Agilix identified Franklin Covey, a global leader in time management and productivity solutions, as an ideal strategic partner for this platform. The two companies signed an agreement to develop and launch the Franklin Covey Tablet Planner.

The Partnership

The Franklin Covey Tablet Planner was unveiled at PC Expo in New York City to an audience of over 5,000 attendees. Jeff Raikes, a top Microsoft executive at the time, demoed the Tablet Planner live at the event. Bill Gates and Stephen Covey, co-founder of Franklin Covey and author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," jointly announced the Tablet Planner at the Ambassador Hotel in NYC to 1,000 global business leaders.

Since then, Franklin Covey has been a partner of Agilix, delivering teaching and learning solutions to hundreds of thousands of people globally in more than 20 languages using subsequent versions of Agilix software, including the BrainHoney and Buzz applications.


The partnership between Franklin Covey and Agilix has had a significant impact on the way people learn and develop their skills in time management, productivity, and personal effectiveness.

By leveraging Agilix's innovative software solutions, Franklin Covey has been able to provide engaging and effective learning experiences to a global audience.


The long-standing partnership between Franklin Covey and Agilix demonstrates the power of collaboration in delivering innovative learning solutions. By working together, these two companies have been able to provide valuable tools and resources to help individuals and organizations improve their productivity and effectiveness.

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The partnership between Franklin Covey and Agilix has been instrumental in helping us expand our reach and impact. By leveraging their software expertise, we've been able to deliver our training programs in more than 20 languages, reaching a truly global audience.
Mary Johnson
Director of Global Training
Franklin Covey

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