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Fairfield County ESC Harnesses the Power of the Agilix Learning Suite

Fairfield County Educational Service Center had been pushing the boundaries of online education for years.
Long before COVID drove everyone online, Fairfield County saw the potential in meeting students where they are and providing options for kids who learn best using non-traditional instruction. Other schools around the world would see the promise that Fairfield County ESC’s model represented, but that level of expansion wasn’t possible with their current setup—not until they discovered the Agilix Learning Suite.

Fairfield’s Vision

For years, Fairfield County ESC has been passionate about ensuring each student could learn in a way that aligned with their interests and primary modes of learning. At a time when the state was particularly invested in developing new educational paradigms, Fairfield County ESC applied for and received grants that enabled their districts to:

  • Invest in competency-based education.
  • Develop an alternative school for students who had fallen behind.
  • Explore the possibilities of project-based learning.

Explore the possibilities of project-based learning. Their efforts have paid huge dividends, and Fairfield County was uniquely positioned to excel when school buildings closed during the pandemic because of the groundwork they had laid in harnessing the power of online education.

The Problem

COVID-19 brought traditional education to a sudden halt. While Fairfield County ESC was more prepared to face these unique challenges, most schools around the country were not. In response to this need, the district launched a program that allowed them to share their curriculum and methodology on a wider scale—much wider. 

In fact, Fairfield County ESC was able to serve the needs of over 10,000 students throughout Ohio during the pandemic.

They had never dealt with volume like that before, however, and their current learning management service was not equipped for that sort of scale. Fairfield County had the answers, and there were a lot of students in a lot of schools who needed them—but they needed the infrastructure to expand in a hurry.

Agilix Learning Suite to Help Scale

Scale is one of the key functionalities of the Agilix Learning Suite. And although Buzz provided the new LMS that was able to handle the volume required, the software suite worked together to solve many of the other problems facing the ESC at the same time.

For example, many schools had only utilized online learning programs in the past for credit recovery. Only a fraction of the students and staff used it, and only for a limited purpose. But now:

  • High-quality lessons could be quickly authored in Buzz LMS.
  • Those interactive lessons could be distributed widely on any LTI-compliant learning management system through Publish Anywhere.
  • Teachers were given flexible professional development options through Dawn.

The material could be used in competency-based education, project-based learning, or in more traditional methods. The Agilix Learning Suite provided the flexibility and scale that Fairfield County ESC needed to easily and rapidly launch their curriculum and professional development with schools all over the world.

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