Mobilizing Learning with the Blackboard Backpack

In 2007, Agilix approached Blackboard, the leading learning management system (LMS) provider at the time, to jointly launch the Blackboard Backpack.
This collaboration aimed to create a version of the Agilix GoCourse Learning System that provided the capability to "mobilize" learning with the Blackboard LMS by synchronizing it with laptop computers and Tablet PCs. Agilix developed and provided the Distributed Learning Access Protocol (DLAP) APIs to Blackboard to make this solution operate.

The Partnership

The Blackboard Backpack demonstrated the power of mobilized learning on personal computers through powerful and flexible Agilix APIs. This partnership allowed Blackboard users to access their learning materials on the go, enhancing the overall learning experience and providing greater flexibility for students and educators.


The collaboration between Blackboard and Agilix has had a significant impact on the way students and educators access and engage with learning materials. By leveraging Agilix's innovative software solutions, Blackboard has been able to provide a more flexible and mobile learning experience for its users.


The successful partnership between Blackboard and Agilix demonstrates the power of collaboration in the education sector. By working together, these two companies have been able to provide innovative and effective mobile learning solutions, making a positive impact on the educational landscape.

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Our collaboration with Agilix has allowed us to create the Blackboard Backpack, providing our users with a powerful and flexible mobile learning solution. Their expertise in software development has been invaluable in helping us deliver this innovative product globally.
Laura Green
VP of Product Development

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