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Free Agilix Buzz LMS Offer for Current Districts Using Echo

Are you part of a district currently leveraging Echo from New Tech Network from project-based learning?

If your district is already using Echo in one or more schools, Agilix is offering the other schools within your district a chance to succeed with Buzz LMS.

This complimentary one-year license for Buzz is not a replacement for your current Echo platform but an opportunity to extend a similar, enriched learning environment across all schools in your district.

For a limited time, get a one-year Buzz LMS license absolutely free!

Act now to transform your district's educational experience in the 2024-25 school year.

Echo Schools Are Powered by Buzz LMS

Did you know Echo’s innovative PBL environment is built on Buzz LMS—Agilix's dynamic learning platform.

Unleash the same powerful, flexible learning platform across your entire district.

With Buzz, enhance every classroom with the foundation that’s already transforming your PBL school.

A Special Invitation to New Tech Network School Districts

Transform Your Teaching with Buzz LMS - Free for a Year

Agilix proudly extends a unique opportunity to all schools within districts using the Echo platform from New Tech Networks (NTN). Secure a free one-year license and support agreement for Buzz LMS, the cornerstone of personalized, project-based learning.

"Agilix outshines every other LMS we've tried, and we've explored many of them."

Jeremy Wright

Principal, Plainwell Schools

Why Buzz?

While Buzz LMS shines in project-based learning environments, its versatility extends far beyond, making it an exemplary choice for districts with a traditional pedagogical approach.

Here’s why Buzz LMS is the perfect platform for districts looking to unify their educational tools across diverse learning modalities.

Adaptable Learning Environments

Buzz LMS seamlessly adjusts to both traditional and innovative teaching methods, offering an intuitive platform for educators to craft and disseminate lessons that meet their specific goals, ensuring a quality education in any pedagogical setting.

Comprehensive Assessment Tools

With its wide array of assessment options and instant feedback features, Buzz LMS empowers teachers to effectively measure student understanding and provide personalized support, enhancing the learning experience for all students.

Streamlined Communication and Collaboration

Buzz LMS bridges the communication gap between teachers and students, facilitating rich discussions and teamwork through its integrated forums, messaging, and collaborative spaces, fostering a connected and engaging classroom community.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The platform’s advanced analytics provide valuable insights into student progress and engagement, enabling educators to tailor their teaching strategies for optimized learning outcomes, making Buzz LMS an essential tool for informed educational practices.

"No other platform compares to the Agilix Learning Suite when it comes to streamlining course creation and delivery."
Jennifer Sayre
Director of Applied Technology, InnevAto Edu

Can I Generate Comprehensive District-wide Reports?


Agilix Buzz offers integrated formative, summative, and adaptive assessments for insightful classroom support. Dive deeper with district-wide analytics to identify learning gaps, trends, and make informed decisions on curriculum and resource allocation, all while seamlessly integrating data with your existing systems for enhanced reporting.

Better on Buzz

Built for Learning

Personalization powerhouse

Teachers can create instructional groupings and individualized learning paths, and offer a variety of activities to promote collaborative knowledge creation as well as personal reflection, in addition to traditional assignments and assessments. Students can customize their virtual learning space and even choose or create their own activities.

Data-driven instruction

Formative and remediation assessments identify each student's needs and suggest activities to address them. Adaptive assessments further pinpoint student proficiency.

Grading that works

Flexible grading tools accommodate a range of learning models, based on district or teacher preference. Teachers can make grading schemes to weight assignments or drop the lowest grade, and even choose standards- or competency-based grading scales.

Easy content creation and management

Curriculum directors and teachers can import Common Cartridge content or build custom activities directly in the LMS.

Seamless integrations

Connect our LMS to popular Student Information Systems such as PowerSchool, or to your favorite applications, including Google Workspace.

"The Buzz learning solution enables us to provide a powerful platform that enables teacher collaboration and powerful student learning."
photo of Tim Presidio

Tim Presiado

Former COO, New Tech Network

Have Questions?
We've Got Answers

Who May Apply for the Free Buzz License?

Any school district that has at least one school using the Echo software from NTN may apply.

When is the offer valid?

The offer is open until August 1, 2024, or until the maximum number of school district participants have been reached. The offer is valid for the 2024-25 school year.

How does this offer affect current Echo users?

Echo users are not affected by this offer. They will continue to license Echo from NTN and will be supported through New Tech Network’s existing support channels.

How does this offer apply to previous Echo licensees?

Previous Echo customers may also apply for this free offer for the other schools in their district and will be considered on a space available basis.

What does the implementation process include?

The Buzz LMS is a very rich and robust platform with lots of capabilities. Online courses are available for the Administrator, Teacher, and Course Author. A one-day virtual training program is included with the offer. Additional “for fee” professional development training and implementation services are available on a space available basis.

For over 20 years, Agilix Labs has been serving educators and learners around the world

Apply by August 1, 2024

Free one-year Buzz LMS license

*valid for the 2024-25 school year, exclusively for New Tech Network School Districts with at least one Echo software user