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Transforming K-12 Digital Curriculum with a Custom Mobile Learning Solution

In 2007, Early College, a Texas-based company developing a complete K-12 digital curriculum for US school districts, approached Agilix after the launch of the Blackboard Backpack.
Early College had created a custom-built netbook PC in China as part of a complete mobile learning solution called EPIC. They initially contracted with Agilix to build the custom EPIC client that integrated with eCollege, a leading learning management system (LMS) for higher education at the time, later acquired by Pearson.

The Partnership

After their first year of operations, Early College asked Agilix to replace eCollege, which was viewed as too complex and inefficient for younger students, with a simpler and easier-to-use backend alternative. Despite the daunting task of replacing a system that had required more than $100 million of investment and 10 years to develop, the Agilix team successfully completed the task in less than nine months at a fraction of the time and cost required by eCollege.

Incredibly, due to the power and flexibility of the Agilix APIs, Early College was able to switch their users from eCollege to the Agilix GoCourse Learning System backend over a semester break at the end of the year without any disruption. This project launched Agilix into the business of providing standalone, brandable, and customizable teaching and learning solutions without the need for another LMS backend.


The partnership between Early College and Agilix has had a significant impact on the K-12 education landscape. By leveraging Agilix's innovative software solutions, Early College has been able to provide a high-quality digital curriculum solution to US school districts, improving the educational experience for students and streamlining the process for educators and administrators.


The successful partnership between Early College and Agilix demonstrates the power of collaboration in the education sector. By working together, these two companies have been able to provide innovative and effective digital curriculum solutions to K–12 students, making a positive impact on the educational landscape.

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The Agilix GoCourse Learning System has provided our students and educators with a user-friendly and efficient platform for accessing our digital curriculum. The seamless transition from eCollege to Agilix's solution has been a testament to their expertise and dedication to our partnership.
Susan White
VP of Curriculum Development
Early College

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